Your own website in a few days

The Click & Run no worries package

Time for your own website? Have you been thinking about a new website for some time now, but do not come around to creating one? The solution is Click & Run. It is an all-inclusive "no worries" website package. From hosting, including email, to design and easy editing, we've got you covered. You can start now with our form below, or let us help you in a cost efficient way.

Create your own website - the simple way!

With Click & Run, you can be online with your own professional website for your company or business in an up to date fashion within a couple of days. Click & Run websites are created with ComfortPages CMS. They are extremely fast and are just waiting to be filled with your content. Of course, our flexible designs are responsive and suit any screen size. From desktop to mobile, your site will look great.

Click & Run themes: your own website that works, guaranteed!

Click & Run makes creating your own website easy. Pick your theme, and off you go. You can let us help you, or do it yourself. That's up to you. Benefits of using Click & Run:

  • your own professional website within a couple of days
  • timeless design - responsive for all screen sizes
  • search engine optimization already implimented - all you need is content
  • fixed templates which make designing your website simple and efficient
  • easy editing with ComfortPages CMS (inline editing, drag & drop, image cropping directly within the system)
  • top quality hosting: including updates and email functionality with a user friendly panel

Would you like to know more about Click & Run? Would you like us to create awebsite for you? Or do it yourself? Contact us - we will help you get the job done fast!

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Try it yourself?

With our themes you can easily create your own website. Just choose your theme, enter your details and Click & Run. You will get an email with all the details.
Your website will be free for the first week, after that the Click & Run "no worries" package costs EUR 140,- per year.

Would you like to try? To order, please contact us, we will talk to you about the details and make sure your site is hosted on the domain of your choice.